Corporate Responsibility


Corporate Responsibility is an integral part of Stemcor's business strategy. To be a successful business in the short, medium and long term requires considered management of risks and opportunities that may be termed 'non-financial'. These can have a material effect on our business, and as such we choose to report on Stemcor's approach to, and performance in, these areas in our annual report and accounts.

Some aspects of our approach to Corporate Responsibility can have immediate and highly tangible financial impacts, such as our business conduct practices or energy savings. Our environmental   performance is more difficult to tie to our bottom line, but this area requires careful management as it can affect our licence to operate in locations where we have mining and processing operations. We value our reputation as a responsible business and this helps us in attracting and retaining the best people, as does our focus on providing a positive and healthy working environment.

Within this section of our annual report we aim to report the material corporate responsibility aspects of our business that impact all key stakeholders. In our reporting, as with all aspects of our business, we work to improve year-on-year. We welcome feedback from all our stakeholders and seek to report on what is most material to them.

Stemcor’s Board believes that being a good corporate citizen is good for business. This sentiment is reflected in our brand values:

Our brand valuesWhat they mean in practice
We are not owned by, nor do we control, any steel producers.
We are objective in securing mutually beneficial trading deals for suppliers and customers, which offers competitive advantage.
We foster open, collaborative relationships.
We never conceal our business practices and treat all counterparties fairly, allowing us to operate as a trusted long-term partner.
Once we have made a commitment, we stand by it.
Because we honour contracts, even in adverse market conditions, we are regarded as dependable people to do business with, which gives us access to new opportunities.
We deliver results and strive for continuous improvement
We seek to be efficient and innovative in what we do and how we do it, thereby ensuring continued customer satisfaction and repeat business.
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