Aryan Mining & Trading Corporation

Aryan Mining and Trading Corporation (AMTC) is an operating mine in which Stemcor has a majority stake. Located at Koira in the state of Odisha, India, the mine uses traditional drill and blast mining techniques to liberate high grade ore which is further worked through screening and crushing operations to produce calibrated lump ore and fines.

Calibrated lump ore is used extensively for sponge iron and pig iron production within the region and is regarded as a premium product in India. Crushed fines are sold locally or exported, while lower grade fines are stockpiled for future processing at Stemcor’s Brahmani River Pellets plant or sold for blending and export.

AMTC has a JORC resource in excess of 100m tonnes at 57.2%Fe and a licence to mine 3m tonnes per annum. In addition, there is estimated to be over 2 million tonnes of manganese ore. 

Stemcor also has a 10% equity stake in Mideast Integrated Steel (MISL). At Roida, Odisha, MISL has an iron ore mine with current output of 4 million tonnes per year. The high grade fines are sold mainly to the Chinese market with the help of Stemcor’s offices in the Far East. Medium grade lump ore is consumed by regional sponge iron producers in India, while low grade fines are stockpiled for future conversion to pellets at Stemcor’s neighbouring Brahmani River Pellets beneficiation plant.